GoldWire is the supplier of exclusive fashion items for the higher segment

GoldWire is the supplier of exclusive fashion items for the higher segment.

The Dutch design brand uses 24-carat woven gold. Throughout the centuries, gold has been used in clothing for various purposes for ecclesiastical purposes. Until recently, it was not possible to weave 24-carat gold wires. Thanks to long-term research and process innovation in the field of gold wire processing, we have managed to process the product in many fashion items including a fully woven tie and pockets. The tie and pockets contain about 10 grams of pure 24 carat gold, giving it a brilliant shine.


Events | Exhibitioner Masters of LXRY 2017

Masters of LXRY has proved itself as an entity in the world of the premium lifestyle segment. Speechy, prestigious and the most discussed event of the year. It is the place where all the big names from the world of art, interior, fashion, design, gastronomy, jewelry, watches, trips, boats and cars come together.

We are proud that we will be one of the participants of this exciting event from 7 to 11 December in RAI Amsterdam.

2017: Design Edition

This year the fair is a sign of Design and the entrance is designed as design walhalla, where along the route to the fairlobby the visitor travels along fifty years of Dutch topdesign.

We would like to welcome you!

GoldWire only supplies limited editions

and guarantees that each item is unique and exclusive.

Soon we will open our online store!

The story of Goldwire

The use of application gold in Clothes has been popular for ecclesiastical use for many centuries. Under Henry VII of England, its use was reserved to royalty and higher levels of nobility. Also manufactures in the Byzan tine Empire and Medieval Italian weavers include gold in Clothes.
GoldWire offers pure luxury in a unique collection of exclusive fashion and design combined with skilled craftsmanship. We offer that touch of luxury that will allow you to make a statement or get a truly exclusive present.

The yarn is made of 100% real 24-carats goldthreads is soft and easy to weave and ensures the luxurious look. Hand applied gems and diamond’s offers a higher value

Other exclusive items of clothing from the same material are, for example pocket handkerchiefs, chokers (women), scarves, T-shirts and even (baseball)caps. The first, worldwide exclusive tailored series, will be offered to both gentlemen and women with an exclusive sense of style at the Master of Luxury Fair 2017.

GoldWireClothes Fashion design

GoldWireClothes is settled in the Netherlands in the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

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